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It is our desire as a company to bring freedom to women and children enslaved in prostitution. Currently we have four women who are desperate to get out of the brothel. The only way we can do this safely, permanently, and without a hit being put out on them is to pay the brothel owners for the wages the women earn daily and pay the ransom that was paid by the traffickers to purchase the women in the beginning. Many of these women had children while living in the brothel, these children are then turned over and used by the madam as she wishes. These kids have lived horrific and terrifying lives. We have freed many of them, but we don't have enough money to keep them out. Our hope is to get them into school, have 3 hot meals a day and to learn their value in Christ.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! With your purchase, you help us bring freedom to the enslaved.

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