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At Destiny Designs, we believe that change begins with small steps. Our mission is to create jobs, to restore dignity, and to bring freedom to the oppressed. When we come across a woman that wants to be free from enslavement, we do our best to provide freedom from the monetary bond that the trafficker holds over her, then we give this woman a job. Our goal is to empower her to earn an honest living and get her away from the traffickers.

Through your support by purchasing from this website, you are not only helping to bring freedom to underprivileged women, but also helping to restore their dignity through providing a job for them as well. We cannot do what we do without your support, and this website goes far beyond the products available, it goes forward to attempt to end this horrible industry one woman at a time. 

We have been told there are too many women and children already lost, there are too many traffickers, how do you ever plan to stop them? Our answer is, one woman at a time, one trafficker at a time, and we will stand up and speak for those who have had their voices marginalized and our aim is to bring them into freedom and dignity.















Destiny Designs is based out of Nepal and is a program designed to help empower women.


Destiny Designs provides training programs to help women transform their lives and empower them to build their own future. Each jewelry piece in our collection is hand made by women in Nepal.


These women come from backgrounds of severe poverty or have recently been rescued from human trafficking.


When you purchase a piece from Destiny Designs you are not only helping to support these women but also you are helping create jobs, restore dignity, and bring freedom to the oppressed.

Destiny Designs is also a partner of WMOO - World Missions Outreach Organization which is a 501(c)3 that is committed to serving the most vulnerable of the Nepalese: orphans and victims of human trafficking.


By providing them with a home, a surrogate family, and a quality education, these most vulnerable will be empowered to escape poverty and give Nepal a brighter future.


This is the story of Hannah and how the Lord remembered her. Hannah is not her real name as we wish to protect her privacy and identity.

Hannah was 27 when she was taken and sold into sex trafficking. She was abused daily, and despite her efforts was not able to get out for years. She is now 57. During a rescue mission for another girl in a brothel, she found out there was someone coming to rescue the girl. She approached the rescue team and asked them to please get her out.

As of September 27, 2019 Hannah is free.

She immediately went home to see her family, and is now reunited with them.

She has asked that her identity remain private so she and her family can begin the healing process in peace.







Shovana is the founder of Destiny Designs.  She is a native of Nepal and came to the United States of America in 1986.  Destiny Designs was born in 2017 with a dream in which Shovana saw herself receiving jewels. 


There were other trustworthy characters in this dream encouraging her to help women who need profitable skills and steady employment.  Shovana and her husband Tom were already involved in rescuing women from trafficking and providing at-risk children with safety and education.  


This new dream became a focal point for this couple to begin a sustainable social enterprise to uplift many exploited, abused, and disadvantaged women by providing soft job skills such as handicraft training. 

Thus empowered and employed in new callings, these women are now generating income through product sales and growing hope within their families.


THANK YOU, Shovana!  You are a champion and a shining example to us all.


Donna Parker is the office administrator for Destiny Designs and for WMOO at the USA headquarters in Irving, Texas. She is also a certified biblical counselor.


Donna, and her husband Dale, have served on the Board of Directors for WMOO USA for several years, and Donna is the Secretary of the Board.


Donna enjoys being a part of an organization that helps to restore dignity to so many underprivileged women and children in Nepal, and she firmly supports the important work of Destiny Designs!

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